Our Purpose

Promote learning and integrity, raising individual standards of knowledge, skills and behaviour national to enhance public trust and confidence in geophysical services

Kenya Society of Geophysicists Geophysical School Field Camp

KSG has initiated the 1st Geophysical School Field Camp from 02-01-2022, design to promote, strength, and maintain a workflow of highly trained Kenyan geophysical scientist, which sustainable to development our country depends on well-trained Kenyan geophysical scientist professionals as demand for our natural resources grows and government insist on the hiring of local talent.


Welcome to Kenya Society of Geophysicist

Represent and advocate for the geophysical professional’s before government and the general public. Areas are emphamsized specific specialized areas of field in sector of industries for exploration in geothermal, petroleum, mining, groundwater, archaeology, marine, unexploded ordinance, mining, highway and construction

Geophysical Science Technology

Is Sustainable to revamp the Economy after COVID 19 by Study and gain Knowledge of practical instrumental field, especial for industrial Sectors, use Scientific Discoveries

Upcoming Event

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Our Purpose

Promote learning and integrity, raising individual standards of knowledge, skills and behaviour national to enhance public trust and confidence in geophysical services

Studying with the KSG
Our qualifications for geophysical operations, data  acquisition, analysis, process, interpretation, logistic & planning, and data management will equipped you with the practical knowledge and skills instrumental for field you need to do your job. Read More..

Why join the KSG?
As a member of a Geophysical professional body you will benefit from an enhanced status in the geophysical services profession globally.
You will become a part of an organization which holds the respect of governments and firms around the world, and can communicate with the public on an authoritative and clear level. Read More..

Integrity & Ethics
The KSG believes that integrity is a key component of professionalism, defined as the effective combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour.
In each of these areas the KSG has developed products and services where the highest standards of integrity are embedded and regularly tested. Read More....

Justice for Kenyan to know where Dedan Kimathi was buried in unmarked grave is coming out soon, team of geoscientists and Medics is being formed to investigation unknownn burial site where about buried and reburied using scientific discoveries.

Geophysical Professional's Bill

The Geophysical Professionals Bill 2021 is on lthe final strech to forward to the Parliament and Attorney General Office.

Geophysical Policy

The KSG and KLRC collaborated in the process for development of the Proposed Draft National Geophysical Policy (NGP) and Draft Geophysical Professionals Bill. Read More

The State Department for Public Service collaborate with KSG to develop Scheme of service for geophysical scientists, geophysical technologist and geophysical technicians

The Scheme of Service will be administered by the respective Principal Secretaries in conjunction with the Public Service Commission and in consultation with the Principal Secretary/Director of Public Service Management. In administering the scheme, the Principal Secretaries will ensure that its provisions are strictly observed for fair and equitable treatment of officers and that, officers are confirmed in their appointment on successful completion of the probation period.


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